Lots of good advice and offers here folks. Thank you. A few responses:

VHF. I have two- they are so much a part of the kit, that I forgot to mention them, though I won't forget to use them! Thank you for the reminder. A key piece of equipment for weather and communication.

Socked in. Well worth considering. I have been warned (and probably need to be reminded again) and will plan for that. I don't want to go out in adverse weather beyond a certain point. I'm not a fan of fog either, but will do what I can to be safe.

Horns. I have a manual air horn (Sea Dog's metal one) that has a good sharp toot. I've also been advised to get a nice canister one too with deep loud sound to scare of bears. Makes sense to me. Anyone have a horn that they'd recommend?

Fish. Catch, kill, eat, share; make friends with everyone but the fish! If I can find the room, I will round up fishing gear.

Batteries. My VHFs both need a charger, as do all my cameras. Drats. What new VHF works on batteries? I'd like to know.

Blogs. I am also a journal keeper- I have ship log, as well as a sketch journal for each day. I wrote an article about my log over at ThreeSheetsNW.