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Thread: Really curious: Ilur vs Navigator

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin b View Post
    reading though this thread I can share a little more regarding rowing. In my opinion The Navigator doesn't have a good place to stow oars that are long enough to do the job well. you would have to sit on the centerboard trunk to be in the right position and then you have the boom thwacking you up side the head. On outboard does buy you the ability to stretch your cruising territory by allowing you to get back from a farther distance if needed. I have never tried to row "slip jig", in fact I didn't even make any provisions for that but I can't imagine it being enjoyable to row. The Ilur has space designed in the bilge under the floorboards to stow oars neatly and out of the way. are working on two piece oars that will be the right length for a Navigator and similar wide beamed sailing boats, watch that space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeC View Post
    . I am considering a newer engine that is 4 stroke. I don't know if a 2.5 HP is enough....4HP would be more than fine.
    I have used a suzuki 2.5 on a traditional 19ft clinker lake boat and it was more than enough. 2.5hp is the equivalent of 8 trained athletes for several hours. Average human can sustain 0.1 hp "continous". Not a fan of "seeing" the outboard on small boats.

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