I am building a KDI from Chase Small Craft. It is a clinker built Okoume/Epoxy boat. There are several places where lines are led through holes in wooden spars, similar to the Caledonia Yawl. I have been on boats where this is done and the lines can slowly saw through the holes. In addition, synthetic lines have very fine fibers and, unless the holes are tediously worked after epoxy coating a small wood fiber, coated with epoxy, becomes a needle that catches the line.

The fix is some kind of fairlead. Here is a guy who used flared copper tubing as fairlead. I bought some copper tubing (⅜” and ½”) and a tool and have made these. I plan on using them everywhere I can. I think I can glue them in and clean out any squeeze-out where they join.

I will update this as I go.