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That Seabrake looks simpler and more reliable than the earlier Australian product I so dimly remember from the early '80s. Clever those Antipodeans.
Maybe you think better upside down?

The Seabrake might have been invented by the same guy (John Abernathy) as the earlier one that you saw.
So John went home and started to refine the idea, By 1982, he had developed a full blown two stage moulded plastic drogue.. He worked with the Australian Maritime College to develop his first model, which was used in the BOC Round the World Race. ‘It’s still a fantastic product today,’ he says, ‘a lifesaver, but it was a bit bulky.’

So John went back to the drawing board, using traditional canvas material with a stainless steel wire frame and finally producing today’s internationally successful ‘Seabrake’