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Thread: Adventures of 'yeswhen', a boat with a lot of questions

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    Default Adventures of 'yeswhen', a boat with a lot of questions

    Ahoi everybody,

    'Yeswhen' is the sort-of-ficticious name of our new home in the water. The choice for not publishing the real name is merely to keep up with privacy online as much as possible while being able to share the journey and create posts.

    The story behind 'yeswhen' is limited, but we'll start from what we know:
    30-foot single masted double (or triple) diagonal planked oregon timber sheated on Dynel.
    Year construction is unknown but it is said to have been built begginning of the 70's.
    Generous cockpit with oversized features as well as overengineered rig for the size.
    Interior is beautiful with dark wood and very well fitted and tiny but enough for us. Mastpost and steel galvanized reinforcement around mast towards hull.
    Chainplates also reinforced with galvanised steel
    Engine is a Beta Marine 20 with low hrs.
    Other features include a full working galley (metho stove/oven), VHF, SSB, manual head, day diesel tank, hot water heater, an plenty of surprises on the lockers that we have not got yet the opportunity to look into.

    'Yeswhen' was built and loved by the same owner, Mr. Stewart, and was moored in its base in Yowie Bay, South Sydney, until he died early this year. People we've talked to said that he would never come less than four times a week to care about his boat, and that is reflected on the soul that the boat has, a major factor for us to go forward and get it.

    With this post we aim to find out more, if there's more to be found, and summarize the (not little amounts) questions that will arise through this process.

    There could not be best ambassador for us to get onto this forum than brucemoffatt and his stories. We were blessed by his generosity and hospitality, amazed by his writings and very happy to go for a sail on Arawana while contemplating buying her. We did not got the boat, but we kept Bruce as a friend and potential first crew on our upcoming sailing.

    Fair winds!

    p.s: newbie and no tapatalk yet, sorry for two pictures!
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