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    Cecil Younger, an alcoholic nominal failure, is an investigator for Alaska's public defenders. In actual life, the Sitka based author John Straley is an investigator for Alaska's public defenders. Straley, formerly Writer Laureate of Alaska, has a writing style that shows that he's both a poet and novelist.

    I've read the first six of the Cecil Younger series:

    The Woman Who Married a Bear (1992);
    The Curious Eat Themselves (1993);
    The Music of What Happens (1996);
    Death and the Language of Happiness (1997);
    The Angels Will not Care (1998);
    Cold Water Burning (2001); and
    Baby's First Felony (2018).

    "Baby's First Felony" will be out in paper by June so I'll wait. In the seventeen year Younger hiatus Straley wrote two period piece crime novels and a book of poetry.

    Cecil starts the series as an honest, articulate, and self-indulgent drunk, but he becomes considerably more interesting and eventually sober as the series proceeds. Cecil's lovers are fully interesting, he is essentially guardian for an autistic man, and Sitka is filled with Alaska characters who would probably trample the gentler denizens of Cicely.

    Straley's writing takes attention in two ways. There's general density. In his typically twenty page chapters he sometimes advances the plot just a little bit and other times roams all over Alaska. And then there's the sentences that make you take a breath, put the book down, and just say the sentence again.

    Read in order of publication. It's really one two thousand page book.


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    Default Re: A Public Defender's Investigator

    Thanks, Ian. I'm looking for a new author to tag onto. My favorites have a bad habit of dying. Seems to put an end to their writing.
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