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    "Woman at War" is a remarkable Icelandic film with easily read subtitles.

    Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir totally captivates and dominates the film as Halla, a choir director and secret ecotage perpetrator attempting to halt a major Icelandic aluminum plant by short circuiting the ultra high KV lines to the plant. Her range of facial expression from directing her choir to reacting to some political shill on TV to showing the physical stress of her dealing with the desolate Icelandic high plateau is totally amazing.

    Helping moderate the tension is a trio - keyboard,tuba, drums - that is on scene whenever music is needed, a bit like Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye in Cat Ballou. The audience I saw the film with let out a gentle laugh whenever those guys showed up. There was also a Ukrainian women's trio and a bicycling tourist who keeps getting mistaken as the environmental "terrorist".

    Ukrainian women? Turns out that four years before the film starts, Hanna had applied to adopt a Ukrainian orphan. And now little Niki is a possible complication.

    This film has wonderful characters and a sense of how to film Iceland's wild lands that rivals John Ford loose with a camera crew in Monument Valley. And her encounter, bow and arrow, against a small photo drone is both high drama and very very funny.

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    Perhaps Iceland is not the best place to build heavy industry. But electrically-powered aluminum smelting would seem quite a bit better than coal-powered steel smelting, at least if there is large hydro power, that's why Alcoa smelts aluminum in the Tennessee Valley, lots of cheap power.
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    Décolletage better than ecotage.
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