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Thread: Wedding rings

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    Too late, rummy. He passed away before I went back to pick it up. No idea what happened to it. He was a fantastic boat model maker as well as a great jeweler. He built an amazing model of the Morgan out of wood from when the Morgan had her decks replaced decades ago. It loaned to Mystic Seaport Museum for display for years until his daughter asked him if she could display it in her house and he got it back from the Museum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenBauer View Post
    I know. But the jeweler that I brought it too said that the solder had fused with the gold and that it couldn’t be cleaned up. Maybe he just didn’t want to be bothered.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rum_Pirate View Post

    Take it to another jeweler.

    OR gently heat it with a blow torch concentrating the flame on the solder. Should almost drip off.

    I am sure other forumites on here can tell you the best way to go about it.
    Tin lead solder alloys with gold and silver and so cannot be removed. I suspect that the melting point of the resulting alloy is well below that of the gold, so it will just eat the gold away as the alloy melts.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    The story I heard is that the ring given on marriage denotes slavery as in; the iron ring placed around a slaves left ankle in Roman society.

    I think it is a symbol of ownership.

    I agreed to marry my wife because she needed a committment from me, publicly.

    Once she told me she was pregnant, I wasn't going anywhere.

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    I almost never wore my wedding ring. Didn't wear it because of safety concerns working in maintenance (instrument/electrical) at a petrochemical plant.
    Don't really know where the ring is at this point (in a some box somewhere in the house I assume).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Cargo View Post
    I got an adjustable ring.
    When I get married I just tighten it up to my current finger size. When I catch her cheating, I divorce her and take off the ring.
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    My wife had mine sized for my fatter fingers, but it is uncomfortable for me. I couldn't wear one sailing Stars or working in a chemical plant (you should try getting someone's ring off who has 100% caustic soda underneath it). I just got used to not wearing one and now it feels weird to have it on.

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