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Thread: Barn Find - Barnegat Bay Sneakbox

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    Yes, indeed. I know about the poor sail shape. I brought the boat to the ramp on a trailer, and I had to put up the mast & rigging by myself. After I finally got the boat in the water I noticed that the main halyard and the throat halyard were twisted around each other up near the top. So it was impossible to pull up the sails nice and tight. This meant two things, of course. I couldn't raise the sail enough to have the boom high over the cockpit, and I had a nice big wrinkle down the sail.

    But even with those problems, the boat sailed nice and easy. And it was probably a good thing to have an inefficient sail. This arrangement worked like a reef, so I couldn't get into too much trouble. This was the first time I've been out in a sailboat alone in 30+ years.

    And yes, the boat was water tight. After two hours or so sailing around, I had maybe half a teacup of water.

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    Hey, that's great!

    There are two kinds of boaters: those who have run aground, and those who lie about it.

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