Hi All,
Just joined the forum after picking up an old Sneakbox. I live a mile or so from Barnegat Bay on the NJ shore. Sneakboxes were pretty common at one time. I found this one hanging in a barn. It had been there for nearly twenty years. I only got it since the owner had passed away and the property was being sold - everything had to go. Anyway the boat itself is in pretty good condition; mast, boom, gaff, rudder, etc. are all solid


I'm intrigued by an old wood boat. I did build a cedar strip kayak from Nick Schade's book, so I do have some wood-working skills, but I don't have a lot of knowledge or experience with restoring an older boat. I need rigging and a sail. I've been trying to track down a sail locally, but no luck so far. Now that winter is almost behind me, I'm looking forward to try to get the boat on the water.

So, advice and suggestions are much appreciated.