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Exactly. Whereas on Skookum Maru we would be sitting at anchor with all the drop windows in the salon open and a nice breeze blowing through, taking off the heat of the afternoon. Sipping a glass of dry cider while a couple of salmon steaks are grilling in the cockpit, next to some fresh asparagus. All it needs is a quick hollandaise sauce, easily made on the butane burner, and then top it off with a bit of dill.... And maybe a few fingerling potatoes for a starch. Toss them in salt, rosemary and olive oil and roast them in foil on the grill as well.

Hm. Suddenly I'm ready for dinner.
Ah - but do you get lobsters delivered to your boat? Have oysters a 3 minute dinghy ride away?

I'm not gonna try to compete! I've been in the San Juans & know how beautiful they are - though Maine's islands are very similar. My boat was born in Seattle & grew up sailing in your area - so why would I not love it? Additionally, if I ever switch to power, I'll be hard pressed to buy anything other than a Monk.

Oh - one thing I will mention: We stopped in York Maine on one trip, anchored in a place with 3' rollers (only spot available with Neoga's draft), & I dinghied in for fuel. When I got back there was a perfect quiche waiting to be eaten. Yes, there were some splotches on the cabin sides & inside cabin top. Didn't mind cleaning it up a bit!