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Thread: International 12 foot dinghy

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    Default International 12 foot dinghy

    I've recently bought a set of plans for the International 12 foot dinghy from The boat seems to be raced enthusiasticly in the Netherlands as well as much of north-central Europe and Great Britain. The boat was designed by George Cockshott in about 1913 and was used in the 1920 and 1928 Olympics. It appears to be entirely wooden boats in this area. The Italians however, allow fiberglass, although wood persists. The Italians may race boats built to the Dutch standards, although they must be wood.

    I'm starting to loft the Int 12 now, but the plans do not have a table of offsets, nor are there a set of class-approved molds. The standards are rather exacting.

    Has anyone had any experience lofting the International 12?

    For those interested in seeing the boat, there are many video of it on Youtube.

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    Default Re: International 12 foot dinghy

    Can’t help sorry, they are lovely boats, enjoy the build

    George also designed this the West Kirby Star, ballasted open boat, had many hours of fun racing these. Still being sailed at West Kirby (NW England near Liverpool).


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