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Thread: What Is the Coral Triangle?

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    Default What Is the Coral Triangle?

    Remote islands of Indonesia are surrounded by coral reefs bursting with marine life. This area is part of a region called the Coral Triangle.
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    The Coral Triangle is a vast network of coral reefs that dot the waters surrounding the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.

    Also known as "the Amazon of the ocean," this expansive underwater ecosystem in Southeast Asia is a hotspot for marine biodiversity, hosting 30 percent of the world's coral reefs that span 2.3 million square miles (6 million square kilometers). From humpback whales to humphead wrasses, a wide variety of sea creatures survive and thrive along the reefs in the Coral Triangle.

    Biodiversity hotspot

    "If you go to a place in the Coral Triangle like the Verde Island Passage or Bali there's so much microhabitat diversity," said Luiz Rocha, a coral reef scientist at the California Academy of Sciences. "You can go 100 yards [90 meters] from one reef to another, and the reef composition will be completely different."

    The region is home to more than 500 species of reef-building corals, which have adapted to an array of habitats. Some corals, like those Rocha and other scientists at the California Academy of Sciences study, are adapted to live at greater depths and in cooler waters. Other corals in the region are adapted to muddy, sediment-rich waters, as opposed to the crystal-clear conditions most corals prefer, according the London Natural History Museum.

    Nearly a third of the world's coral-reef fish species and six of the world's seven species of sea turtle call the Coral Triangle home, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Other marine creatures such as dugongs, damselfish, manta rays and throngs of invertebrates inhabit parts of the Coral Triangle.
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    Default Re: What Is the Coral Triangle?

    Man! I'd love to do a lil' diving over there.
    There's a lot of things they didn't tell me when I signed on with this outfit....

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    Default Re: What Is the Coral Triangle?

    Quite astonishing when you think of the trash that just gets dumped throughout that region. Similar in the pacific islands, a brewing issue.

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