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Thread: Enterprise car rental rant

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    Default Enterprise car rental rant

    I hate renting cars from Enterprise. I used to rent often for work. It's always been unpleasant. Hertz on the other hand has been great.

    I dropped my Jeep of for a some warranty work and they have a deal with Enterprise.


    I get to the car and note some damage. They absolutely refuse to document it. They have a little card now. Scratches must be be bigger than an inch, etc. This damage clearly qualified.

    Had to get the manager. She also refused to acknowledge the damage.

    Eventually got a different car.

    The whole process was a pain and the employees were unpleasant. Never again.

    Thanks for the therapy session.
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    Default Re: Enterprise car rental rant

    You seem to have a picture. That should be enough for documentation.

    When in doubt, take a couple dozen photos of the car.
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    Default Re: Enterprise car rental rant

    yes, take lots of timestamped photos. Protect yourself when they try to blame it on you
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