Hello everyone. I'm coming to you all for some suggestions on my first sailboat to build. I have a few designs in mind but i thought I'd lay out the requirements to you all and maybe there are some others that I haven't though of. Here is what I need from this boat:


  1. simple construction suitable for not very handy first time builder
  2. able to daysail 2 large adults, 1 of which is not an experienced sailor(translation: feel stable and be self rescuing)
  3. row decently
  4. be able to rig and unrig quickly(under 10 minutes)
  5. fit in the back of my 02 tundra's bed(6.5 foot bed, so a LOA of less than 12 ft or some kind of nesting)
  6. hull weighs less than ~130 lbs

Wish list:
  1. hull weighs less than 100 lbs
  2. have the ability to sleep 1 in cockpit w/ boom tent
  3. decent open water ability(bay chop)
  4. good open water upwind ability(I would prefer to avoid a motor)
  5. ability to comfortably reef on the water

To give you some more context, sailing waters will primarily be lakes and bays mostly in florida.

some of the boats that I've had my eye on for this project are Jim Michalak's Piccup Pram(and variants), CLC Passagemaker Dinghy, and Michael Storer's Oz Goose

Let me know if you all have any questions. Of course build pics will be forthcoming once a decision is made.