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    I built a pump and filter set up so I can polish the Fuel in my tanks. I have four 200 gallon tanks that have had about 30 gallons setting in each for almost 5 years. I have been reading about all the condensation and mold issues so I figured I better do this before I try to fire the engines up. Each of the tanks has an unused 1\2 inch port in the bottom. I am installing valves in these to then hook up to my polishing pump. So in quickly pulling the plugs and installing the valve i caught the diesel in a pan. I expected it to be pretty much water but it looked pretty good. I couldn't do any polishing today as I was short a fitting. I hope when I can run the polishing set up next trip the Fuel runs as clean as it looked today.


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    That's pretty cool.

    Here's one that I installed in my boat.

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    Fuel polishing will keep clean fuel clean but will not clean up dirty tanks. If you've got crud in the bottom of the tanks (quite likely if fuel has been sitting in them for several years), it needs to be removed first. Empty the fuel from one tank into another, then use rags, etc to wipe it clean. Repeat with the others.

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