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Thread: My first boat build

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    Default My first boat build

    So I just started my first boat build. I知 going to keep it fairly simple doing a flat bottom boat with a v front. I知 trying to figure out how I should do the inside of the haul. I was thinking of doing two layers of chop strand mat. Is that a good approach or should I just coat the inside with a apoxy. I plan on doing the out side with 4 layers alternating between chop strand and 1708. This is a project that I知 start for me and my son. We will be fair weather boaters but want it to last and hold up to any conditions that we might run into. I知 planning on using a 2x6 for the center support with ply wood cut to interlock it. Around the side I plan to notch the plywood so I can put 1x1 along the sides so I can screw the side to the boat. With that being said it will not be a easy task fiberglassing the inside haul. Just wondering if anyone wants to lead me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Have you a design in mind, what boat is it to be?
    As to construction, why are you reinventing the wheel?
    Read some books and find out what has been tried and tested to work already.
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    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    Yup, what Peerie says. What is the design, and show us some pictures. The West System folks are a great resource.

    1x1 for a chine sounds skimpy.

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    Again, welcome to the forum! Are you trying to design your own boat? Do some serious reading and looking at existing designs. There are many proven designs out there available for free that may be suitable for what you're looking to build. For advice from here it would be helpful for us to have some of your design parameters: Length, beam, expected use, propulsion method (motor, sail, oars, paddles), etc. Your first post mentions chopped strand mat which I think I'd avoid at all costs if possible. It's great for making hot tubs, but really doesn't belong in a boat

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