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Thread: Selway Fisher Stitch and Glue Dinghy - Simplicty 8

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    Default Selway Fisher Stitch and Glue Dinghy - Simplicty 8

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd start a thread for my first attempt at making anything boat related. I've been browsing the forum and daydreaming about boat building for a fair while, but in a decidedly uncharacteristic move, I decided to start small and simple. The plan is to build a Selway Fisher Simplicity 8 dinghy to serve as a tender to my 18" yacht which is kept in muddy Essex (UK). I was after something that could be built from single sheets of ply, and would serve as a good introduction to ply boat building. I'll initially build it for rowing/motoring, and may build the lug rig at a later date.

    Link to Simplicity 8 dinghy:

    So far I've cut and planed the main panels to size and stitched them together with copper wire. After a couple of hours of fettling, the seams have closed up with a couple of minor gaps (which I imagine are within tolerance). The central bulkhead is in place and also secured with copper ties. Unfortunately, the weather has just taken a turn for the worse and is unlikely to be above 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) for the next week or so. I'm using West 205 fast hardener which I understand has a minimum curing temperature of 5 degrees. Hopefully I'll get a chance to start applying thickened epoxy fillets next weekend.

    Here are a few pictures of progress so far.

    This is all very new to me so please feel free to point out any glaring errors!
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