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Thread: Trailering a Micro?

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    I owned a micro for about 5 years and I still liked it when I sold it.
    They sail well and are comfortable and confidence inspiring for non sailors, you feel like you are in a 20' boat.
    It is an easy boat to trailer and launch\ retrieve from any ramp - at a local lake we wouldn't even use the ramp.
    Standing the mast can be intimidating especially in a breeze, in fact when I bought the boat the mast was about a meter short with the sail modified to suit with battens, probably because someone dropped and broke it.
    I extended the mast and built a Sailrite kit to make her right again.
    Over time I became less confident standing the mast so I built a tabernacle and it made all the difference.
    Its not a racing boat but as far as I can tell in a fair breeze all the displacement boats are going about the same speed - if speed was an issue you need a planing boat.
    I say go for the micro.
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    Default Re: Trailering a Micro?

    Needs work. I bet it needs a new bottom! But heck, it's got the trailer!

    Sadly, I'm in Washington state, so it isn't worth the drive.

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    Default Re: Trailering a Micro?

    DSC_0618.jpgDSC_0576.jpgDSC_0574.jpgDSC_0628.jpg Some time ago we organised a Bolger weekend with a Micro, and two guests who subsequently built one for them selves, a Chebacco and a Summer Ease. All nice sailboats, but the last two seem easier to put on a trailer then Micro. A friend recently started a Chebacco. I think the Chebacco is a really pretty boat and still worth building in a time when many boats are given away.

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