I am thinking about building a houseboat. Boat would be a sheltered water canal boat, the Rideau Canal specifically, so it doesn't really need much in the way of sea going capabilities. Only require displacement speeds. Daily runs generally 15 miles or less.

The only wooden boat I have completed so far is a PDracer, but I found that pretty straightforward, and I am sure I could handle similar but bigger. The boat would be used as our cottage on the water. We have been using our Bay Hen for that purpose, but now with two kids, it just doesnt work any more and a bigger sailboat wont clear the bridges (22').

So I though home built plywood houseboat might work. Maybe barge style (similar to PDracer but bigger) with a ply cabin. It would be nice if it was trailerable which in my context means less than 8' beam and under 2000 pounds.

By my rough calculations, even a 16x8 barge should have a payload of around 3000 pounds, so I am thinking this boat doesnt need to be very big. 16-20 feet, that will make propulsion more affordable too.

Can any one recomend a plan or resource for plans for small barge hull plywood houseboats?