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    In November 2010, during the restoration of the Mr. Jim Richardson three-sail bateau JOLLY DOLPHIN, I chose the deck covering method described in Tony Grove's Woodenboat article "A New Look at Canvas Decks for Wooden Boats," (208:33). I attached natural canvas to MDO plywood with Titebond II and completed the foredeck in October 2011.

    2010-NOV_PB191353_320.jpg 2011-OCT_PA092790_320.jpg

    The appearance works very well with the 'workboat yacht' aesthetic and the durability has been exceptional. The afterdeck portion has been lightly sanded and repainted twice and is just now starting to show crazing and dark lines which I believe to be mildew. I have been using a thinned Devoe (Devguard) oil paint. And I'm a fan of borate wood treatment (Timbor) and apply a dose regularly, inboard and out.

    Anyone wish to share direct experience maintaining adhered canvas deck covering?

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    The only boat I owned with a canvas deck had been fiberglassed over. I think I remember removing some of the glass, the canvas came up with it. I don't know how it was applied originally, but the ply beneath was sound.
    I'm glad your method is working well, thanks for sharing.

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    Tony is a super guy and skilled shipwright. I've used his system since 2008 when he showed it to me and have had great luck with it since. Around these parts (northern wisconsin on lake superior), I've recommended it to lots of guys with mid century plywood lapstrake runabouts with old, tattered vinyl decks. It's a great option given the plywood decking. I'm all for it.

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