I just saw this amazing post in Model Ship World, the Nautical Research Guild's ship modeling forum. (The best one around.) A fellow passed away and his widow just posted this:

"My husband was a member of this. He passed away in November. I have all of his tools and other equipment. Also have 3 kits. I don't know it they are all there or not. Hate to throw this all away. If anyone wants it, contact me at dpever61@gmail.com. It is all free. I just want it to go to someone who can use it. There is also a large case he never used. Please, someone take these items. "


The guy lived in Ohio. I have no idea what the extent of "all his tools and other equipment" might amount to. His wife signed up in the forum for just this one post, but the amount of tools and equipment a lot of guys in the serious ship model building fraternity accumulate can be pretty extensive. Somebody's going to have one hell of a tool story to tell, I suspect. I sure wish I lived in Ohio!

What a wonderfully thoughtful thing for someone to do.