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Thread: firewall and virus protection software question

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    Default firewall and virus protection software question

    we have six identical laptops, all running identical mcafee antivirus and firewall software
    all settings are the same

    a couple of days ago my personal laptop would not allow me to access this site

    saying it was malicious

    but now that i'm at office in alabama, the other laptops allow me to access it

    the question should be obvious
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    Default Re: firewall and virus protection software question

    The questions may be obvious.... the solutions aren't necessarily so. SWMBO and I both have the same iPhone 6s... but the behaviors of our phones are very different, despite the very same settings. Even my techie older daughter, who is normally wise in all things Apple, can't explain it.

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    Default Re: firewall and virus protection software question

    Sometimes, it is not the site itself, but a 3rd-party ad server -- you probably have a different browsing history, and attract different ads, than SWMBO. Try running with JavaScript 'Off'. If a particular site requires JS, there should be a place in your browser settings where you can authorize selected sites to run it.

    Good luck!

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    Running the same web browser? Are all machines on same update of OS, browser, antivirus, etc? All AV settings equal in all machines?


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