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    ... A garage/work shop/ boat shop/place to waste time and drink beer, and not necessarily in that order.
    While, it's pretty clear it will never be an architectural gem, it will certainly be an improvement over the one-car garage I'm using now and is constantly cluttered up with bikes, lawn chairs, spare furniture my adult children are storing there "temporarily," and anything else that someone can't find a home for. (Seriously, if anybody needs to store anything, just bring it by. No problem. I'm pretty sure there's a little room left on one of the work benches, and there's always the table saw.)
    So, I imagine it will be quite some time before I'll be christening the place with an actual boat, but I promise to keep you posted.
    Thanks for the warm welcome.

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    Nice write up, thanks. I envy your workspace, as mine is generally in the driveway.

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    while you're in this open stage think seriously about shoring up the ceiling joists and roof rafters to provide you with a couple lifting points over the "build" location

    being able to do a solo lift/roll sure makes for easier construction

    if funds allow consider a couple transverse I-beams across the entire floor space

    2 travelers on each beam would allow you to lift ... and move the lifted ... sideways within the shop

    double the number of electrical outlets you think you need and put all the 120vAC outlets on 20amp circuits(my electrician doubled the number i asked for/designed into my build and i'm still short at times)

    add 20 amp weatherproof duplex outlets on both sides of the back door

    at least one 220vAC circuit in the front and one in the back

    and LIGHTS lotsa lights inside and over the drive

    all this stuff is way cheaper while you are still in the open space stages

    adding stuff later gets really expensive(no need to ask how i know)

    GOOD to see you rehabing the original structure!

    will enjoy seeing the progress

    "we are the people, our parents warned us about" (jb)


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    Looks good! It certainly looks like you saved enough of the original to make it well worth the effort. -- I agree that if you had someone else doing all the work (contracted out) it may have cost more in labor than you saved in materials to do it this way, but doing it yourself (if you don't count your labor too much) I think you are a good bit ahead.

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