One day, after a few years of co-owning and repairing a wooden yacht, I got this idea that I also need a small boat that can take me to places where the yacht cannot. After lots of time (well) spent online looking for plans for a perfect boat I could build, I ended up in Ilur. These were my requirements:

It has to beautiful and seaworthy and sail well. The ruggedness and simplicity of open workboats have always fascinated me.

It should fit in my tiny studio (well I need to make a hole in the wall to get it out in the future).

I definitely wanted to build it with domestic wood instead of imported marine plywood. I had decided already beforehand that my boat would be planked with Vendia marine plank, a plywood made up of sliced veneers of Finnish pine. I was also encouraged by Adrian Morgan who has built many fantastic boats of Vendia and praises its qualities.

There are many extremely informative blogs and threads of various Ilur builds, like Ilur in Ireland by Tim Cooke, Ilur in Vermont by John Hartmann, Ilur in PA, Ilur in R.I. , just to mention a few. They have been an invaluable source of information and inspiration, thanks a lot guys!

The building process has been so well covered by others already, so I thought I might not go into every little detail. But since building with Vendia is slightly different from building with marine plywood, I will at least try to cover some details on the way.