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Thread: Cape Falcon Kayaks - SOF Canoe

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    Default Cape Falcon Kayaks - SOF Canoe

    I've not built any of his designs (yet), but i've been following Brian Shulz' channel and the progress of these stackable SOF canoes - it's impressive how much effort he seems to put into iterating and finalising designs through testing - perhaps it's the same for all designers and they just don't show it! but i find it pretty reassuring. Plans are sold along with extensive build video guides. Seems like a nice, relatively quick little project.

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    Default Re: Cape Falcon Kayaks - SOF Canoe

    I've built one of Brian's kayaks, the Long Pointy Boat, in a class. I also worked with him on his Delaware ducker project. He is an excellent teacher and serious designer. He isn't a paper designer, as he builds all of his boats, and is fast enough so his designs go through full size iterations.

    I have a nice piece of 2 x 4 (rough) sitka that would make a great frame for a 14 footer. My personal challenges are access to power tools. My inventory and space means that I only have portable tools, so I'd need an hour or two on a table saw, and, if I don't want to cut 50 or so mortises by hand, a plunge router. Brian's videos are meticulous, assuming no knowledge; with his teaching experience he knows the challenges.

    His open canoe design is interesting in that he gets away with being able to create nesting canoes by building the curves into gunwale by laminating same. His kayak building experience comes into this as he has worked out systems for rib length that can be adjusted for size and weight of paddler/ boat.

    For those unfamiliar with modern SOF kayak building the combination of cloth and coatings available make an incredibly tough skin, impervious to anything other than really sharp rocks/ shells. A friend had a rack loaded with kayaks come off his car on the highway at 60 mph. No damage to the boats; fortunately there was no car following.
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