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Thread: Update me on Brexit

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    ^ it is not quite over yet:
    The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has "yet to come to terms with the significance" of the vote in support of the new Brexit deal, Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris has said.
    His comment comes a day after MPs voted by 515 to 29 to support the Windsor Framework deal agreed by Rishi Sunak.
    The DUP voted against it, saying the UK government had to make changes to it.
    Sinn Féin vice-president Michelle O'Neill said the DUP had to "stop their boycott" of Stormont so that executive ministers could take control of the budget.
    Ministers had to be in post to make the case to the Treasury for extra funding for Northern Ireland, Ms O'Neill added.
    "This budget is about to cause catastrophic damage to public services," she said.
    "So the DUP need to get around the table with the rest of us, make politics work."
    Alliance Party MP Stephen Farry said Northern Ireland was "bleeding at present", with problems piling up and public services in real crisis.

    The DUP are the Irish Joke.
    The Democratic Unionist Party has formally announced its intention to campaign for a Brexit.
    The anticipated move from DUP leader and Stormont First Minister Arlene Foster came in the wake of David Cameron's referendum announcement.
    Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers has also joined those advocating an EU exit.
    The other three parties in the Stormont Executive - Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Alliance party - all support the UK staying within the European Union.
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    Default Re: Update me on Brexit

    It is well known that most Britons now think Brexit was a failure.

    But these for British politicians harsh results are a bit astonishing:

    Britons have more confidence in EU than Westminster, poll finds
    Faith in bloc higher than that in UK parliament for first time in three decades of World Values Survey
    Since the UK voted for Brexit, the proportion of people declaring confidence in parliament has slumped by 10 percentage points to 22% while there has been a seven percentage point rise in confidence in the Brussels-based bloc, to 39%. Confidence in the UK government also fell from 2017 to 2021.
    The findings from the World Values Survey (WVS) exploring trust in institutions in 24 nations from Canada to South Korea are likely to boost confidence among advocates of rebuilding links between the UK and the EU.
    Even the ardent Brexiters admit some things now:
    The former Brexit secretary David Davis said ...
    He said UK government crises over the coronavirus pandemic would have added to the slump in trust and suggested that since Brexit, the media – he named the Sun, Daily Telegraph, Times and Daily Mail – have stopped “kicking Brussels all the time” as they did in the run-up to the 2016 referendum. “No one reads about square strawberries or straight bananas any more,” he said.
    The boost in confidence in the EU also follows a robust response from EU leaders to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s desire for his country to become part of the bloc.
    Only 24% of people said they were “happy” that the UK voted to quit the EU while 49% said they were disappointed.
    The findings also show the UK has joined the ranks of countries least likely to have confidence in government and parliament – falling behind France, Germany, Australia, Iran and China.
    “Confidence in parliament has halved since 1990,” said Prof Bobby Duffy, the director of the Policy Institute at King’s College London, which analysed the figures. “We’re among the least likely of more than 20 countries in the study to have confidence in the government; confidence in the police has fallen sharply, particularly in London; and only Egypt has less trust in their press.”

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