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Thread: Marinas in SC or GA

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    Default Marinas in SC or GA

    We are traveling south this fall and winter; we are hoping to find a cheap, safe place to leave our home (boat) for two or three weeks while we visit family over Christmas. Any suggestion would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Marinas in SC or GA

    The following are my notes from our trip south in 2012-3 looking for somewhere to stop awhile. Obviously, prices, etc. would need updating, but might give you a place to start. The first number on each is the ICW mile #.

    Listed North to South (Charleston is ICW mile 464.1)

    Probably just as easy to get to these via ICW, figure 30 miles/day or so:

    536.3 - ~$590 - Downtown Marina of Beaufort, SC - Downtown location, good reviews, historic town. A bit pricy, have to confirm cost.

    563.7 - $520 - Palmetto Bay Marina, Hilton Head, SC - near grocery, free bikes

    567.7 - maybe $306 - Daufuskie Island, SC - historic Gullah (Free slave) island, remote (250 inhabitants), *maybe* cheap marina in process of being built there. Limited services. Definitely want to at least visit here.

    582 - $490 - Hinckley Yacht Services, Thunderbolt, GA - On ICW, but good, well-rated marina that is cheap. Not too much going on here, but easy bus ride to Savannah

    585.4 - $510 - Sail Harbor Marina in Wilmington Park, GA - Sounds like more going on than Thunderbolt and still has bus to Savannah, but longer ride. Courtesy car available.

    2 day offshore runs:

    Off ICW at 652 - $200 - Darien Dock, GA - Possibly no water/electric - If we have to generate our own power, then not so cheap

    680 - $383 + metered elec. - Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick, GA - Great reviews, wi-fi, free laundry, practically in town, etc.

    684.3 - Jekyll Island, GA - Maybe a marina here we could use, not sure.

    712 - $310 - Lang's Marina, St. Marys, GA - Near Cumberland, small, ok marina, great sailing/exploring area

    3 day offshore run:

    778.6 - mooring $360 or $252 depending on which field, St. Augustine Marina Mooring, FL - Dockage too expensive at $863

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