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Thread: Pivot for Steel Centreboard

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    Hi Folks,
    I have had boats with wooden centreboards for many years but, this year, I acquired a Salterns Tela (16' 6'' gaff-rigged dayboat) with a galvanised centreboard. I had her in the water over the summer but she is now tucked up in my barn for the first set of serious work. One of the things I am doing is to check the centreboard pivot. I have managed to get the pivot pin out and it is a bit worn so I will probably replace it. The problem is that I am not really sure what it is made of. It looks like just a length of 5/8" mild steel rod. I don't think it was ever galvanised. I am guessing that there is little point in using a galvanised pivot pin as the zinc would very quickly get worn off. Is this the case? Secondly, the centreboard is a bit pitted but nowhere close to structural failure so I will put it back for another year or two. Is there any point in filling the worst of the pitted bits with something like epoxy in the mean time?
    I would value your thoughts.

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    Marmalade's heavy steel board pivots on an inch and a half stainless bolt. When the old board had rusted and broken after forty five years hard service, I found the bolt itself was fine. The hole in the board was greatly enlarged. So, new board with old bolt.

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    What Ian said - marine quality SS bolt.

    As for the centerboard I'd be tempted to try either epoxy or one of the fancy 2-part epoxy paints to protect it. Biggest issue is getting it to bond well to the galvanized steel, so let's see what the more experienced folks say about that.
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    Have you looked into phosphoric acid to seal & neutralize the rust/corrosion, followed by painting, poxing or re-galvanizing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpiefan View Post
    Have you looked into phosphoric acid to seal & neutralize the rust/corrosion, followed by painting, poxing or re-galvanizing?
    Phosphoric acid can remove rust and zinc oxide and leave a phosphate coating that helps paint adhesion. A better phosphate coating solution is a zinc phosphate treatment that leaves a heavier phosphate coating on galvanized steel. POR-15 Metal Prep an easy one to use.

    Any rust spots should be cleaned up because you don't want any trapped salt left under the paint.

    Pettit Trailercoat or Rustlok (same thing different label) is a good hard coating for galvanized steel
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