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    I think I will repeat what I put in "The Results" thread..
    The USA is doomed as a Nation if they won't even spend time considering changes to the 2nd Amendment.

    I watched the Election results here last night and took note of something!!!
    Remember the Mass Shooting at a College campus ( I think it was last year) where huge numbers of students marched.
    They were carrying placards that said "I'm 18 and I vote".
    In last nights coverage, it was clearly shown that only 13%...(THIRTEEN PERCENT) of registered voters aged 18-25 voted.
    What happened to the other 87%...couldn't be bothered to get off there A** and go out and do their democratic duty and vote.
    I think it was Jefferson??? who said "You have your Republic if you can keep it".
    The next time there is a mass shooting at a College Campus, and there will be....
    All your young folk need to look in the mirror and know that is the person to blame.
    They had the chance to vote for the change they marched for....and DIDN'T do it.
    Gun control'll never happen!!!
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