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Thread: Wharram Catamarans , discussion required !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterwytch View Post
    Just became aware of the Okeanus Vaka Motu used in the Pacific islands. They retain a lot of the features that inspired the Wharram designs; lashed beams, relatively small rigs, and use a steering paddle. Interestingly the Pacific Islanders prefer these to the more modern multihull designs.
    These catamarans are not exactly financed by 'Pacific Islanders' for their own use.
    Funding is provided by philanthropic interests.
    Wooden connect beams ( named iato in the case of Tahitian canoes) are wooden, as are the steerer paddles, as mentioned.
    Otherwise they are fully composite in structure.

    Like Wharram cats, the decks are slatted wood, as are the mast and boom(on early Wharram designs). So yep, they are kind-of like a Wharram with U section hulls.
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