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Ok Alex, I think I have recalculated my new shop needs using your simplified formula from the other Thread.

I will have 26’ x 34’ floor area, which is 884 sqft or 81 square meters. I used your 750 Lux per sq meter and solved the formula:

68,343 = 81 x 750, divided by 0.8 and the result multiplied by 0.9

Illumination needed is 68,343 lumens

I went back and tried to find warmer LED’s, and did find the same UFO type at 4,000k, and ranged from about $96 to $140 per unit, figuring I need 6 units.

When I searched for 3,000K and 3,500k units, the prices doubled and tripled.

I drew out the approximate spacing of the 6 lights, and at the 120 degree beam angle come up with nice overlaps of the cone of light across the 26’ width, and just a little no coverage area along the 34’ length.

So maybe I will need 8 units instead of 6?

Anyway, your input is much appreciated, don’t want to make an expensive mistake and will keep refining this.

Most of us don't have shops with ceilings as high as yours and can get away with the cheaper big-box linear fixtures. Your shop, with lights mounted 16 - 18' feet up, is actually a good application for the type of fixtures you are considering.

I personally find 5,000K to be very harsh and blue-looking. It's a matter of personal preference, largely.

I had a look at the site you have been looking at, and also see this fixture: https://www.ledlightexpert.com/100-W...ite_p_192.html
100W, 13,000 lumens, 3,000K (warm white) for $100 now. It's 130 lumens per watt so it's efficient, although not quite as good as the one you were looking at. 90 degree beam angle, though, so you'd need more of them to get the same coverage on your floor. Still, might be worth considering.