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Thread: "Spirit of Tradition" Rozinante?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimConlin View Post
    Id forgotten Arion and Walter Greene. Its a great story.
    I sat in Walter Greene's cockpit and talked with Damian McLaughlin at length about Arion and Walter Greene. Damien was very gracious and patient to this dreamer, something I greatly appreciated then and now. Walter Greene is a somewhat complex build striving for lightness she is built cold molded over stringers per West System method. Lots of internal framing and bracing and gussetting. It was long build for what is essentially a very simple canoe hull. Damien said if he had it to do all over he'd simplify and build her strip planked over bulkheads with temporary molds where needed and floors laminated in the way of extra support for the fin.

    I like your idea of building a fast fin keel canoe yawl in the 30' range. Good luck.
    Simpler is better, except when complicated looks really cool.

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    The closest thing I can think of that isn't a 50+ year old design is this:

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