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Thread: Fixing sheer width/lining off mistake

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    Default Fixing sheer width/lining off mistake

    Context - 12 ft. Herreshoff dinghy build, traditional lapstrake construction, currently with 7 of 10 pairs of planks installed, 2 topside planks and sheer planks to go

    I read about it in all the books. I thought I checked and double checked correctly. Yet, somehow I still made the common mistake of inaccurately accounting for the guard on the sheerstrake while lining off. Now, my mistake is actually the opposite of the common one - I didn't make the sheer too narrow, but made it too wide. In fact, I made it too wide by the exact width of the laps (3/4").

    Since I already have half the topside planks on, I'm not going to reline and replank the boat now. I am trying to figure out how I will visually correct the sheer. Some options I'm considering:

    1. Add a lower guard to the sheerstrake to eat up the extra width
    2. Paint an accent line along the bottom of the sheerstrake to eat up the extra width
    3. Drop the sheer by 3/4" along the entire boat
    4. Live with it and tell the critics not to fat-shame my sheer plank

    I'm strongly leaning towards option 1 or 2, but need some additional information to make the decision.

    a. Lower guards tend to appear smaller than upper guards. Is this true?
    b. If so, are there any rough estimates for size ratios? I'm thinking a 5/8" lower and 9/8" upper amidships. Planks are relatively narrow (~3 1/2" amidships)
    c. Same question on dimensions for a painted sheer accent stripe.
    d. Do lower guards get tapered at the ends the way upper guards do?
    e. How are lower guards fastened? My initial idea would be putting it on along with the lap rivets.

    Can anyone help out with recommendations, alternative ideas, or answers?

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    Default Re: Fixing sheer width/lining off mistake

    Go with 1, put a lower guard on the lap. That is where most of our boats have them anyway.

    Don't taper them, screw them on over a bedding goop so that they can be replaced if they get chewed up. They are "Guards" after all.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    Default Re: Fixing sheer width/lining off mistake

    I like a wide sheer strake.

    the other option is to progressively increase the remaining three plank widths by an even increment. Some lining battens will tell you if that looks funny.

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    Default Re: Fixing sheer width/lining off mistake

    My lower guard on the sheer strake is slightly heavier in both plan and profile than the upper.
    They are tapered, and rebated to fit under the lap a bit. That way you can adjust the appearance any way you like.
    The lower rail takes the bigger hit and protects a bright sheer plank, it has saved my plank more than once!

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