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Of all the prehistoric creatures to find trapped in amber, we never would have expected a snail.
But that's exactly what palaeontologists have found - so perfectly preserved that its delicate shell is intact, and prehistoric soft snail tissues have been observed for the first time. A second, less well-preserved snail shell is also in the same chunk of amber.
Encased in 99 million-year-old amber from Myanmar, the snails hail from the Cretaceous, when some of the world's most beloved dinosaurs, such as T. rex, velociraptor and triceratops trod the Earth.
Their morphology suggests that they are ancestors of the Cyclophoridae family of terrestrial snails. This makes them not just the oldest snails ever found in amber - it would also put them among the oldest cyclophoroideans found in Asia.
Snails, as you probably know, are extraordinarily fragile. Their bodies are soft and squishy, and their exoskeletons - also known as their shells - are brittle.
Some have been preserved on the fossil record, but snails preserved in amber are exceptionally rare.
We've Found a 99 Million-Year-Old-Snail in Amber, And It's Amazingly Preserved (LINK)

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