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Thread: Kanye West - Trump Curse-athon

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    Default Kanye West - Trump Curse-athon

    Proof that we are now in an "IDIOTCRACY" !

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    Default Re: Kanye West - Trump Curse-athon

    West admitted he was bi-polar during his manic 10 minute rant.
    As he pulled out his phone and reached across the desk toward trump, I wonder if the Secret Service folk were getting antsy.
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    Default Re: Kanye West - Trump Curse-athon

    I am waiting for one of our spittle-flecked trolls to tell us how Kanye will swing millions of black votes to our current president.

    How Kim Kardashian deals with Kanye is a wonder, unless Kanye is all about performance art. He went into a deep depression after his mother died and never came out of it.
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    Next election, vote against EVERY Republican, for EVERY office, at EVERY level. Be patriotic and stop the madness. Save the country.

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