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Thread: Sutton Hoo replica

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    Default Sutton Hoo replica

    You may have heard of this already, but if not, here:

    Couldn't decide between designs/plans forum or construction/repair forum, so I ended up here :-)


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    Default Re: Sutton Hoo replica

    Thanks! i'll be following that

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    Default Re: Sutton Hoo replica

    The artifacts that were recovered from the ship a amazing as well as beautiful. Fifty years ago I had a client that wanted me to construct him a bed that reflected some of the carvings that were found in the burial mound with the ship. Sadly, his concept of cost for the project fell too short to allow the project to be realized. It did do a full set of drawings for the "Dragon Bed" though. Maybe I will get around to building it some Tuesday next week.

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    This will be good.
    Here is the half size version as a taster.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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