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Thread: mast wiring connections

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    I was just curious what to do where the wires from my VHF and spot lights meet the bottom of my folding mast, what is the normal thing to do? do I leave a single coil so when the mast folds it coils then uncoils when the mast is stood up or should I terminate the coax and 12v wires with a neat plug, possibly in a small box arrangement so I just unplug and fold, will an extra join/plug in the vhf aerial wire cause me reception issues, am I overthinking it and just bung it through a hole in the roof and silicone it up and replace it when it breaks (just joking, couldn't really do that)
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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    I'd avoid a plug. Corrosion is inevitable. Why would the wire break if it just bends a gentle curve? Should be good for about a million repeats. Then replace it, as you suggest.

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