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Thread: Optimist sail needed

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    Default Optimist sail needed

    Finished a schooner model and now lookin for a sail to grace an ole 8' V bottom FG dinghy I have to transform to a sailing dink. In my boat junk pile I have a CB, rudder with pintles, and a aluminum mast, just about the right length, numerous small blocks etc. I made the CB trunk,( not installed) mast step and thwart installed and plan to cut the aft end of the slot for the CB in the dinghy. about 39" from the mast and hope it balances out OK. I know the sail is out there somewhere, nothing fancy with all the roach I see but good enough to move the dink to hull speed.


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    There are people that sell second hand sails. Poke around in the web. Or, you could buy a sail kit from Sail Rite. They have a web site, then talk you wife into making it. Four and one half oz Dacron does not require an industrial sewing machine.

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