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Thread: Merriman Reel Winch Adjustment

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    Default Merriman Reel Winch Adjustment

    I have a two speed Reel Winch for main halyard. While Rod Stephens said, "Merriman and the devil invented the reel winch", I like it because I was able to replace the steel wire with same diameter high-modulus fiber line that weighs little but has the necessary strength. Does anyone know how to adjust the brake?
    Bob Scott

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    After a friend had a crew member break his arm with one of those winches on the Acapulco Race and I had one lock up, at night, while taking a reef in "Wanderlure II's" main. We were on the windward side of San Nicolas Island at night in a blow that set the schooner on her beam ends I swore I would never go to sea with one of those Merriman self fouling wrist breakers again! However I seem to remember that there is an adjustmant screw for the clutch band where it attaches to the release lever.

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    Deep six it.

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