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Unfortunately Mr. Buehler pass away last year. I bought his book too. I sent an email to him for the Grizzly Bear project, but two days later I received a mail from his account that He is dead.

I sent another mails to buy the plans but same mail sent automatically .

I was dealing with Grizzly bear . All designs sems to easy to built but attractive part of this design is rig. İt is designed properly. I request from him in first mail that redesign that main sail as gaff . The orginal one was bermudan.

The location of the mast allows big jib with boom and this is a big advantage for sailing. With gaff mainsail , the rig defined as "perfect " especially offshore sailing according to me.

I do not know how I can reach the grizzly bear projects. Acoording to me this plan is one of the best easiy to built and seaworthy plan.

Maybe near future , his plans start to sale by his parents.
It is a real shame, I have always thought if he had drawn a twin leeboard 40 or so ft boat with a pilot house it would have been the ultimate cruising boat.