So I have been ever since I was about twelve years old wanted to build a boat and sail around the world. Now I am twenty and l am getting more serious about my options, I really wanted to build a George Buehler Otter 50 or one of the ducks. (I have looked at others NAís and even talked to some of them.) I think his boats are the best for what I am wanting, namly the Otter. To the best of my knowledge plans are no longer available, but I have the plans in his book that include the a smaller example form his VAGABOND series. Long story short I can figure everything I need between those prints the pictures and information on his site, would it be wrong of me to build the boat in this manner sense there is no other way to get the plans? Part of me says that he would be positive about someone learning how he did, but pissed about the plans being sorta stolen from him. I mean for the love of god he even lays out how thick to make the frames and planks on his site. Am I overthinking this, and making a moral and ethics issue of something that is not either?

Before it comes up, no I donít have any sailing experience but will be attending sailing school before I build such a boat. (I see a dinghy in my future though, two birds one stone.) Lastly I am digging through the forums and archives on various things, like 70/30 copper nickel hull plating, preventing galvanic corrosion between bronze and stainless steel and galvanized chain, anchors, rigging, fiberglassing the inside of a wood boat hull then applying spray foam to prevent condensation from encouraging rot/osmosis, and lastly a plank plywood hybrid hull. (Planks would be epoxied onto the plywood and through bolt both to the frames, then lay a thin transparent glass epoxy or just a epoxy layer applied over it to prevent warping.)