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Thread: Always have a life preserver

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsie View Post
    The water around here does get cold, i believe winter temps go down to about 17 degrees Centigrade.
    This is amusing, and shows how widely varying perspectives can be. 17C is early summer temps around here (Wisconsin), a little cool for optimal open water swimming but comfy enough for 2-3 hours immersion at a time. That's with just a swimming suit.

    You don't have to be prepared as long as you're willing to suffer the consequences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsie View Post
    I have a thing about good v's bad laws.
    All laws are absurd at some point, (hence the presidential pardon). A good law will only be absurd in unusual situations, say 5% of the time. A bad law will sometimes be absurd in normal conditions, so say 20% of the time. Having to wear a PDF in a tender is absurd about 50% of the time.

    I am not against wearing PDF's, just against the law determining i have to wear one when i clearly don't.
    Well said, that. I feel that I have a better understanding of when I, or a passenger on my boat, needs additional protection than some legislator who may well never ave been ​on a boat.

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    I don't ever remember sailing with a life jacket in 30-plus years of sailing both offshore and around the marks, UNTIL I got a Finn. You have to wear a jacket in Finn races, so it kind of forces you to go find a good one that fits, that you can actually wear, and I can promise you, you can drown even wearing a life jacket. And I don't mean in a force whatever gale. I mean getting your big arse wet with a sea running just a couple of feet in a jacket without leg straps to keep it from riding up.

    I have almost drowned three or four times racing sailboats. I have been to the point of 'please God, please someone help me'. Two of those times I was wearing a life jacket most people would consider an extravagance (about $300 US), but let me say this about that: I am still here. I am typing this. I am almost positive that if I wasn't wearing that jacket I would not be. I'd have been dead years ago, drowning either in Mobile Bay, or in the Atlantic of Fort Lauderdale.

    Now I wouldn't consider leaving home without one. Carry one in each of my vehicles, just in case, and if I am ever sailing alone, I have it on.

    Mickey Lake
    'A disciple of the Norse god of aesthetically pleasing boats, Johan Anker'

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