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Thread: Flywood Three Sheet Rowboat modified for trolling

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    Default Flywood Three Sheet Rowboat modified for trolling

    I think the basic design is a sensible tandem rowboat for protected waters, which in some aspects is close to the characteristics of this classic 21' St. Lawrence River Skiff which is not a bad thing.

    Much to my surprise no one ever approached me for more information about this design unlike with some other of my designs, which I do not regard quite as acceptable.

    Maybe now I am onto something to make this one more popular.

    Algis from Lithuania recently finished his second slightly modified Two Sheet Flywood. His first one turned out to be too small for his liking. Especially lack of sufficient freeboard was an issue.

    So for his second version he added an extra panel to keep the boat dry and it seems he is pleased with the result.
    As a passionate fisherman he modified both of his versions by shortening the panels towards the stern, so he could add a transom for mounting a small trolling motor.

    When I saw all his accomplishments I wanted to create something similar. After some consideration I decided that the Flywood Three Sheet Rowboat (LOA=19' 5", beam=49", midship depth=16") would make a more reasonable starting basis for this endeavor.

    Instead of cutting the panels short before assembly, I'd rather cut off the last meter or so of the finished boat, exactly the same way it is done with nesting or take-apart boats.
    Then I'd still have a fully functional tandem rowboat, but also the option to convert it to take a small motor.

    After checking the hydrostatics of the two possible modes, much to my surprise I realized that for any given displacement draft is almost identical as well as stability. The most significant difference obviously is length of waterline and as a result also resistance. I don't know how much drag the transom will add, but I have not heard any complaints by Algis regarding his boats.

    There is still much to figure out, but I think in principle it should work just fine.

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    Default Re: Flywood Three Sheet Rowboat modified for trolling

    I always find your threads fascinating.Its good that the range of plywood boats is expanding to include versatile and light boats that are economical in their use of materials.

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    Default Re: Flywood Three Sheet Rowboat modified for trolling

    As with all of your designs, it looks great. Doug

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    Default Re: Flywood Three Sheet Rowboat modified for trolling

    Unless you trim a little bow down you might end up with a transom that drags very deep.
    As an alternative, you can consider extending the chine all the way aft and keep the bottom panels at a low deadrise. This makes it easier to add a bit more rocker in the keel aft to bring the transom up to the surface. It adds some volume to carry a motor and also adds a bit more stability. The penalty is a slight increase in wetted area.
    If my one-sheet flywood is anything to go by, it should also allow more freedom in bringing the topsides more upright amidships for better freeboard while at the same time maintaining low deadrise in the bottom panels for good stability.

    Not a Flywood, but same principle:

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