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Thread: Commends on Devlins's Pollywog

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    Comments on Devlin's Pollywog

    Until this year , I have no experience about boating. But long trips , without a tender was a big trouble for me. Ofcourse I can by a " zodiac" type dinghy but if you see the picture I have Thomas Gillmer's Blue Moon replica and such type dinghy dose not suit her.

    This year , I renoved a Devlin's pollywog who build one of my friend. He finished main parts but not all. I was looking a suitable tender then he offered to me this pollywog. I finish and this year I start to use her.

    As I said I had no experiance for boating before and I was wondering about problems during the high seas. In that case I have no place to take her on deck.

    I also prepare a tent and I placed the oars to give shape to the tent as roof. With that style I carry this tender aproximately 500 Nautica miles without any problems especially high seas.

    First hunderd miles I always check her maybe every 5 minutes . But last miles I really forgot her. Because I was sure about she is comming.

    also I remove the tent sometimes to see how much water can enter inside. I saw that it is negliable. Than I start to gave some job to her such as carry the high volume but light materials just like pillows etc.

    Also I boating her stern side of my boat to avoid the propeller wave effect . Braking effect of her approximately nothing. No more than 0,5 miles .

    I think due to the V sahpe bottom I reached to this result. I reccomend that this dinghy is so suitable for boating.

    Besides this , so easiy to "jump " her from mu boat from ladder. (I am 110 kg weight and easily pass her from my boat. )

    Other benefit is so fast with oars. No need any engine . She can carry two people an a child properly.

    As a result ,After 500 miles boating without any problem , I can highly recommend Devlin's pollywog as a tender.
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