I did not realize this until I happened to see a bit on TV yesterday, but the Haggin Museum in Stockton, California is the repository for records from Stephens Bros. boat builders in Stockton, CA. The collection is said to include many plans, but I know little more than that. Stephens built a lot of boats from 1902 through 1998. The boats included everything from rowboats to minesweepers. If anyone is interested in Stephens Bros. boats, you may want to contact the Haggin (1201 N. Pershing Ave, Stockton, CA 95203, 209 940-6300) for more information. The Haggin Museum is not focused on maritime interests, so that may explain why we don't hear about it much. For this niche, though they seem to have some good information and displays.

The Haggin is about halfway between my home and work, so I am now planning to visit as soon as I can.