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Thread: Drake 13 Sharpie Balanced Lug

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    Default Drake 13 Sharpie Balanced Lug

    Hello All,

    So…..I fell in love with the design pictured below, the Drake 13 Sharpie from Selway Fisher. Loved it so much, just the right size, great sharpie looks, etc, but……of course it would be truly perfect if I made just a few teensy changes, like change centerboard to daggerboard (for more cockpit room and to save weight stripped), and change the standing lug to a balanced lug, because mainly I think they look cool, and I like their great tuneability.

    So! I added sail area (only on paper so far- pink area on plan) ahead of the mast (7 sq ft total, going from 65 to 72 sq ft) and THUS moving the CE forward 6”. I added that sail area by moving the luff forward and left all the other sail geometry as-is.

    To avoid the specter of lee helm I plan to do the following:

    1. Move the most-forward-possible position of the daggerboard forward from the plan location 1.5” .
    2. Move the mast location aft 1.5”
    3. Sail the boat (None have yet been built to this design that I know of.)
    4. Perfectly balanced with just a soupçon of weather helm? Yahtzee!
    5. Lee helm?
    6. Rake mast an inch or two aft.
    7. Slide the sail aft on the mast an inch or two. (Beauty of a balanced lug).
    8. Still lee helm? Add a very boaty mizzen.

    What do you think? Workable or Fatally Flawed?

    Drake 13.jpg

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    Default Re: Drake 13 Sharpie Balanced Lug

    Tinkering with small boats is fun. If it is a total failure you can probably change it back. You might try making the sail of tarp or tyvek to test before buying an expensive sail.
    Good luck, keep us posted.

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    Default Re: Drake 13 Sharpie Balanced Lug

    I think I'd prefer to have the luff of a balance lug closer to parallel with the mast, with the boom more horizontal. You'd probably also want to move the attachment point forward along the yard to keep the sail tail-heavy enough. Of course, then the boom is lower in the cockpit.

    Hmm... Maybe there's a reason the designer drew a standing lugsail...

    Looks like an awfully small boat to be thinking of adding a mizzen.

    But sure, you could do all that. I'll be curious to hear how it goes if you give it a try.

    You don't have to be prepared as long as you're willing to suffer the consequences.

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