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Thread: Question re: 1987 WB Lyle Hess “dream boat man” article

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    Default Question re: 1987 WB Lyle Hess “dream boat man” article

    Hello wooden boat peeps!
    I enjoyed an old article about Lyle Hess as his work and story is a curiosity of mine. The article mentions a period of time after the crash of ‘29 when Lyle has returned to ditch digging or construction and a return the boat building in the post world war 2 years. My confusion is this: I grew up on a 38-40’ cutter rigged motor sailor (Sea Wings) that was built by Lyle Hess and Bill Whiting in 1935. There’s not a lot of mention of him being in business during the depression or pre-War building any significant size boat? Can anybody here shed new light on this?

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    Default Re: Question re: 1987 WB Lyle Hess “dream boat man” article

    Lyle built boats for himself in the early years. He and Doodle would cruise to Catalina and they would also race a bit They were young and just enjoying life. He kept his boat at the anchorage that was next to the old railway lift bridge to Terminal Island. Rolly Kalayjian hung out there as well and had "Butcher Boy I" there as well and added a deck house to her so that he could cruise the boat more comfortably. I don't know if they worked on building their boats there or at home. But they shure enjoyed the heck out of life back then! Rolly went on to form Chapman and Kalayjian in Costa Mesa and I worked there as well. Lyle was building swimming pools when I first met him and he started desiring the Bristol Channel cutters the first of which was the little topsail cutter "Renegade"
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