Hi there,

I live in Stockholm and have a 1962 Nordic Folkboat, I need to address issues with canvas on the deck and on the cabin top. You will see from my questions that I am a novice when it comes wooden boat restoration and would appreciate your advice.

I haven't removed the canvas yet, but I understand from looking inside the boat that the cabin top is canvas layed on batons, and the deck is canvas layed on plywood. I have no evidence of damage or rot in the wood, but I know that there are some rips that have been patched up and have leaked in the past. My questions are as follows.

1) The deck: Assuming that the plywood is in good condition, which I believe it is, should I recanvas or lay down something like epoxy and glass fibre?

2) The cabin top: Based on the posts that I have seen, my understanding is that canvas is the only option to lay on the batons on the cabin top. Comments?

3) Assuming the recommendation is to canvas the deck: when I look through forums on the internet, I see that there is a recommendation to try and lay down the canvas in one piece then cut out the openings. The canvas was last layed in pieces (two pieces on foredeck, two pieces on each walkway along side cabin and one piece on stern deck). What would you recommend?

4) If one piece on the deck (I can source a piece big enough in Stockholm, so that is possible), how do I deal with cutting out the cabin and stretching the canvas?

5) If several pieces, where can I get information on how to do the seams properly?

6) If the recommended option is not to canvas the deck but to use epoxy and something for grip, what would you recommend?

7) I want to take off and reuse the the rails and other fittings, I will take off the varnish and try to use a screw to pop up the old wooden plugs, if that does not work I will try to drill and chisel out. Is this reasonable, or would you recommend a different approach?

Thanks for any help.