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Thread: EU Regulations: Flotation

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    Friendship sloops were developed in the 19th century weren't they? That was well before 1950.

    Around here quite a few people build and use traditional boats. As traditional boats always were planked by eye without drawings and often without moulds of any sort no two boats were ever alike. There was never a designer nor a named design. This means that as long as you roughly stick to traditional building methods and a traditional type of boat and build it properly the government doesn't seem to bother much.
    As Buscephalus is a very rare design I think you should be able to tell that she is a generic friendship sloop based on a tradition with roots in the 19th century and that's it!

    I also think there is some sort of loophole allowing self built uncertified boats provided that the boat isn't sold within a certain number of years........

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    usually when you are importing stuff, you have to comply with regulations if it is new on the day of importation.....there may be a grandfather clause about settlers effects....( usually refers to import duties)
    It should be fairly easy to inquire to the authorities.....if its still a pipe dream then they would be unlikely to connect a query now, to an event some years ito a vague future.

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